First Halloween

Christian and I had an awesome first Halloween. We got zero trick-or-treaters, as expected, but we bought over $40 worth of candy, which we haven't even eaten a tenth of yet, we obtained a massive pumpkin, which Christian cleaned and I carved (although I feel like I could have done a better job if I had had a smaller, bendier knife), and we rented The Skeleton Key, which was scary without being nightmare-inducing, and which I enjoyed. Also, we took pictures. I took pictures of Christian and he took pictures of me, and the pictures of Christian were good and the pictures of me were not good, so I only posted the pictures of Christian.

Here's our massive pumpkin, which we got for only $5:
Here's Christian next to the pumpkin to show how big it is (and, seriously, it is massive):
Here's the finished product:With the lights off:Christian with the pumpkin and all of our candy:Christian trying to eat as much candy as possible:


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