Important Thoughts 10.0

10.1: I realize that I forgot to tag people at the end of my seven quirks post, so I'll go ahead and tag people now. I tag Teri, Ashton, and Catherine.

10.2: I also realize that I have been posting like a crazy person. It's all part of my plan to beat Joel in our posting war. Remember? I said I was going to lure Joel into a false sense of security (check!) and then start posting like crazy (check!). After this post, if Joel doesn't posted today, then I will be only six posts behind, which I feel is a huge accomplishment after being behind by 22 posts earlier this year. My goal now is to catch up with him by the end of this month, and then I can use December to just completely blow him out of the water. And then I'll win and Joel will owe me one million dollars.

10.3: Two people are really frustrating me right now. I can't say who the two people are, because even though I don't think they read my blog, they might, or word might get out to them some other way that I'm frustrated with them, and that would not be good. I also can't say why I'm frustrated with them, because that would give away who they are, and like I said before, I can't say who they are. Mostly I just wanted to rant a little bit because I'm frustrated. Rant rant rant. Now I'm done.

10.4: I don't think facial masks really work the way they say they're going to work. I don't think they really moisturize your face or refine your pores or detoxify your skin or anything. Here's how I think facial masks really work: first, you spread a whole bunch of green goo on your face. It's green, which means that it's healthy, plus it stinks a lot and the bottle tells you it's healthy, so you believe that it's healthy. After you spread the green goo on your face, you look in the mirror and think, "wow, I look weird with this stuff on my face." Then you wait a while, and while you wait your skin starts to feel weird, which makes sense because you've got green goo all over your face, but in your head you think, "aha! It must be working!" Then you wash your face, and you look at yourself in the mirror again and think, "I look much better than I did before I used goo on my face. This stuff is awesome." But really in your head you're not comparing your face after the goo to your face before the goo; you're comparing your face after the goo to your face with the goo, and obviously your face is going to look better without goo. And that's what I think of facial masks: complete rip-off.

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  1. Mary, I know you're talking about your sisters-in-law. You are mad at us and we know. We just want to say we're sorry but we can't help it. If you want to come clean and use our names, we won't be offended. Or better, use code names like Schmatherine and Schmelizabeth.