Marshall's Hair

Christian introduced me to many shows when we were dating that are hilarious. One of these shows was How I Met Your Mother, which is now in its fourth season. Since Christian owns the first and second seasons on DVD, he's been catching me up on the earlier HIMYM. Watching these earlier seasons with Christian has led me to two conclusions: first, the show has always been hilarious. Second, Marshall's hair sucks.

Seriously, Marshall's hair used to look so awesome, and now it's just awful. I'm not the only one who thinks so, either. The writers of Go Fug Yourself noticed, and so did kristapurpelle41 and freckles, who discussed their opinions in an E! Online Insider Community Forum:

kristapurpelle41: WHAT are they doing with Marshall's hair???? I HATE it!!
freckles: I don't like it either.

For those of you who have never watched HIMYM, or have forgotten how Marshall's hair used to rock it hard, take a look at cool Marshall:So cool. So awesome. And now, take a look at not-cool Marshall with his terrible, nastifying, pathetically lame hair:No, just kidding. That's not what Marshall's hair looks like. This is what Marshall's hair looks like:I think the real tragedy here is that Marshall's bad hair makes his character less interesting, less funny, less awesome, and makes it more pathetic, more lame, more depressing, more blerg. And that shouldn't happen. That should never happen.

Fix Marshall's hair, people who have control over Marshall's hair! Make Marshall cool again!


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