Quirky Tagged Post

Alice tagged me. I've been challenged to name seven quirks that no one knows about me. I'm taking "no one" to mean "not most people," since otherwise this would be too hard.

1. I have a tendency to get really cold feet in the winter, and I hate going to bed with cold feet, because then they stay cold all night long, and it makes me not sleep very well. To warm up my cold feet, I often fill up the bathroom sink with hot water (as hot as I can stand) and stick my feet in until they're warm and red and pruny. Then I take them out, dry them really quick so they don't get cold again, put on socks, and hop into bed.

2. When I eat a Reese's peanut butter cup, which I do as often as possible, I eat all of the chocolate off the top and then stick the peanut butter part in my mouth whole. This is what it looks like right before I eat it:

3. I hate the smell of vanilla. It smells like barf to me. This means that I also hate the smell of candles with names like "cookie dough" and "cake frosting." They all smell like barf. I do, however, like the smell of lavender and vanilla together. I feel like the harsh smell of lavender and the icky-gooey-sweet smell of vanilla even each other out.

4. I constantly worry that I have stuff in my nose that people can see. I think this comes from my mother constantly reminding me in my youth that since I was taller than other people, and since my nose turns up on the end, I always needed to clean out my nose before I left the house. I also obsessively worry that I have food in the corners of my mouth after I've eaten.

5. I'm really good at wrapping presents. Like, really good. At Christmas, my presents (as in, presents from me, not presents for me, because that wouldn't make sense) always look better than everyone else's. The last few years I lived at home I bought my own wrapping paper instead of using the leftover-for-ten-years wrapping paper that my parents got out of the attic, and I refuse to use a dinky, pre-made, stick-on bow as a present's only decoration. I believe very strongly that the first step in getting someone to like your present on the inside is for it look good on the outside.

6. I love playing the N64 that I borrowed from my parents. I wouldn't say that I'm really good at a lot of video games, although I do enjoy the Wii Sports. However, a lot of N64 games seem to be right on my level. I've beaten Paper Mario three times, and I've beaten Zelda: Ocarina of Time four times. I'm also awesome at Diddy Kong Racing, Yoshi Story, Mario Party, Mario Party 2, and Mario Party 3, especially the Mario Party game Face Lift. I'll bet anyone $20 that I can beat them in Face Lift.

7. I like to sit with my feet on my chair. At dinner, in class, at the doctor's office. Everywhere. Always. (Well, always except for at church or any other time when I'm wearing a skirt, because wearing a skirt and sitting with your feet on your chair does not work.) Maybe it's that sitting with my feet on the floor is not comfortable, or maybe it's that I like being all close together in a ball, like I'm constantly in the fetal position.

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  1. Hmmm ... that's interesting. Most of those things aren't too weird, but the feet in the sink thing is pretty strange. I'm always colder after I get wet. And, the Reeses thing is on the border of strange. You are freakishly good at wrapping presents.