Why I Hate My Car

Reasons why my car is stupid:
  1. The sunroof doesn't work. Actually, the sunroof has never really worked. It used to sometimes open and sometimes not open, and then sometimes close and sometimes not close. Which meant that sometimes when it started to rain, the sunroof wouldn't close, and everything in my car would get wet. Which is why the lining on the ceiling is now peeling away and falling down and obscuring my view out the back window.
  2. It has those weird automatic seat belts that are supposed to move whenever you get in or out of the car. I dislike automatic seat belts. I dislike them even more when they don't work, and they don't move completely to belt me in (which means that I don't feel safe when I drive), and they don't move completely to let me out (which means that I have to detach the seat belt whenever I want to get out, and also it means that half the time I bump my head on the little metal thing that sticks out into the doorway).
  3. The air conditioning doesn't work, which wouldn't be so bad, except that the radiator has problems also, so that in the summer I'm likely to be driving around with the heat on full blast so the car doesn't overheat. Also, the heat only works in the summer. Not in the winter, when I actually need it. I've driven for over half an hour in my car in the winter and been completely freezing the entire time.
  4. The doors leak. Last Friday, when it rained all day, I left my car (perfectly dry) at the Institute building and went to class at 8:00 am. When I came back to my car at 4:00 pm, everything near all four doors was soaked. My seat was soaked, so I had to sit in cold wetness while driving, and the ceiling lining was soaked, so it dripped on my head the whole way home. My car is now extremely stuffy and mildew-smelling inside. Yum.
My consolation is that Christian and I are getting a new car for me in January. Not a new-new car, but a new-for-us car from Carmax. I doubt we'll ever get a new-new car. We're getting a new car for me, and the car that I have now will go back to my parents, and then my dad, who has never been able to admit that it's the worst car of all time, can drive it to work. Also, Christian helped me demonstrate all the reasons why I hate my car.


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