Days Like This

It must be said: yesterday was a terrible day. A horrible, no good, very bad day. No one was sick or injured or teething {I think}, but nonetheless it was a day filled with whining and frustration and crying {hey, everyone, tears all around! On me!}. Also, it was a day filled with:

- Max's shoes not fitting onto his huge feet when we were trying to get ready to go to Target, even though I could have sworn they were the right size.

- Throwing said shoes across the room because seriously, WTH, shoes??

- Max going to Target barefoot.

- Babies getting antsy at Target because their mama is looking at all the baby shoes, trying to find a pair that might fit her son's giant clown feet, instead of pushing the cart around.

- Max continually pulling on Maggie's jacket sleeve, and Maggie fussing.

- Max pulling really hard, or pinching, or possibly biting Maggie's arm in the cereal aisle, and Maggie losing it completely.

- Carrying Maggie in one arm for the remainder of our Target trip to keep her happy and to keep Max from upsetting her again; pushing a ginormous double cart with the other arm.

- Buying ice cream because the day sucks so hard.

- Buying two baby gates, in the hopes that one of them might keep Max from climbing up the stairs.

- Max whining, clinging to my feet, and climbing up the back of my legs while I put away groceries even though, ohmygoodness! Child, nothing is wrong!

- Trying Max's new shoes on his feet, only to discover that somehow they are also too small.

- Throwing said shoes across the room because seriously, WTH, shoes??

- Opening the carton of ice cream and sharing it with babies, hoping a treat would reset the day and help everyone be happy and normal again.

- Attempting to talk to my mom on the phone about what a terrible day it had been, but not being able to because of two babies, pulling on me and trying to eat the phone.

- Giving everyone a timeout/hiding in the bathroom for a minute so I don't start yelling or being mean. Twice.

- Feeling like a coward for hiding from my kids.

- Trying to calm babies down, but not being able to. Max not being content with just one side of me and clawing at Maggie, trying to get to my other side; Maggie consequently screaming so loud and scaring Max.

- Calling Christian sobbing because I'm beyond rational thought and need him to tell me what to do.

-Coming downstairs after talking to Christian to find Max trying to find comfort in my sweatshirt, since his blanket was in the washing machine.

- Trying to give babies lunch, but having Maggie cry and cling to me every time I put her in her booster seat.

- Holding and rocking babies until my arms hurt. Singing lullaby songs over and over and over.

- Finally being able to feed babies lunch. Realizing Maggie needs to go down for a nap immediately afterward.

- Maggie rolling over no less than six times while I tried to give her a pre-nap diaper change.

- Putting both babies in bed and feeling too exhausted to move. Having a massive headache.

- Suffering through several more meltdowns and tantrums post-nap, most of them involving Max crawling over Maggie's hands.

- Pulling Max off the stairs before he climbed too high four times.

- Starting to cry in front of the babies, and feeling awful because it scared and confused them.

- Wishing and wishing for Christian to come home.

- Christian coming home and offering to take care of the babes while I take a nap because he could tell how tired I was.

- Crying out of relief for a minute before going to sleep.

- Waking up and feeling more normal.

- Having to put Max in one of Maggie's sleepers for bedtime because I never finished doing baby laundry.

- Being glad the day was over and that I never had to live through it again.


  1. And you did all of that while being pregnant! You are incredible and shouldn't feel bad for hiding from the kids... I'm starting to think that's why bathrooms toilets have lids and locks on the door. Hope today goes better

  2. I am sorry you had such a rotten day. You really captured it.

    Here's hoping today is a better day!

  3. I am crying for you again!! I probably cried and felt just as frustrated yesterday. I love 'dem babies but it will be nice when they can play happily without as much drama or tears.

    Also Max's shoes being too small TWICE killed me!!

    1. Um, the craziest thing is that today they went on NO PROBLEM. I'm glad I get to tell Christian I didn't spend money on shoes that Max can never wear, but seriously, what was wrong with those shoes yesterday??

      I hope your today is going as well as mine. Take care!

  4. Hugs! Hope today is going better. :)

  5. I very regularly exclaim to Sydney, "Your life is not that hard! Why are you so sad!?!?!" Seriously? Don't they get how easy they have it?
    Jericho claims we're getting one of those piece-together indoor fence things, appropriate for children and pets. I understand the logic. Hang in there. You're always doing much better than you think. Trust me, I worked with Social Services parents. When you start taking your babies along with you to crack houses, then it's time for an intervention.

  6. I like Kelley's litmust test. That's also one of the reasons I think reality shows are invented.....they just make us feel so much better about our normal, non-cracked out, non-hair-pulling, etc lives.
    Happens to the best of us. I wish you had been behind me at Wendys. I would have paid for your frosty!

  7. Mary, this is Shannon Newbold (now Shannon Wright) remember me from the Singles Ward? I stumbled across your blog and this post and I have had many days like this! I have a two year old who is nuts and I'm pregnant and due May 23rd, it's exhausting. I was going to let you know that I totally have one of those baby fences/indoor pens (for lack of a better word) that you're welcome to use if you like! They are like 100 bucks or so, which is insane, but I used it all the time when Caroline was the age of your twins and it saved me! Just let me know if you'd like to use it, I live in Wake Forest!