To Bang or Not to Bang

There's been a debate going on in our household lately. {Note: by "debate" I mean that Christian and I talked for two minutes on the subject, and by "lately," I mean we talked yesterday evening.} The topic is whether or not I should get bangs again. I say yes, and Christian says no. We both know {um, as should everyone} that I look good with bangs, so that's not an issue. Let's go through the points on each side, shaaaall we?

Pro-bangs {Mary}: When Max and Maggie were about three months old, my hair started falling out. And I dealt with it. I had weird bald patches at my temples, but I dealt with it. A few months later, all that hair started to grow back. I now have a lion's mane of short growth all around my face -- it gets frizzy more quickly than my other hair, and it's almost impossible to keep back. Now, keeping in mind that newbaby is due in two months, and that my hair is likely to behave the same way this time around, we can estimate that it will probably be another fourteen months before my hair is at this exact same awkward stage again, and several more before it's completely back to normal. And bangs would hide all of it -- all the hair drama. It's my only argument, but in my opinion it's a very convincing one.

Anti-bangs {Christian}: Christian's side of the debate also consists of a single point, which is that I told him over a year ago that he has a standing order to talk me out of ever getting bangs again. He's also probably tired of hearing me complain about bangs when I have them.

Why did I issue such an order to Christian? Well, when I have bangs, I get tired of how they have to be styled every day, how they get greasy laying against my forehead, and how they need to be trimmed constantly. I remember these terrible things about bangs, and I know how awful it is to grow out bangs, but somehow whenever I don't have bangs, they seem like such a good idea.

So I need your help. Bangs, or no bangs? Feel free to comment or vote in the poll in my footer.

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  1. Bangs are a pain, but I luuuurve them. The only reason I am growing them out is this tropical climate I am living in. I miss them, Steve misses them.

    I say cut them. You look good in bangs and I think your postpartum hair argument is solid.

    I love that you made Christian promise to talk you out of bangs because I made Steve promise not to let me cut my hair short again. Like we would listen!

  2. I love bangs. if you have good hair for them.

    I do not. My hair curls funny, or lays flat and shapeless, or is always in my eyes, etc. And yet, I try bangs every so often thinking... maybe just maybe I'll be as cute as all the other girls with bangs. Never happens. But my hair grows quick, so I don't really mind experimenting.

  3. I would say go for it! I like bangs (never heard that word before ;) there are some "anti's", but I think the "pro's" weigh up... at least I prefere to see myself in the mirror with a bang :)

    hope you let us know the resault :)

  4. I say go for it, as long as I'm not the ones giving them to you. :D

  5. Mary + bangs = love it!

  6. Cut them! You look so cute in bangs! Plus apparently we have the same conversations! :)

    I've been wanting bangs because I have the postpartum peach fuzz too and it's growing in on my entire hairline and I hate it! Plus my side bangs are now so long that I pin them back most days which just shows off my fuzz even more! The problem I have is I got highlights like 4 months ago so I have some major growth but can't decide if I want to go dark or more highlights, so until I decide that, I can't cut bangs.

    But you should! :) You have a great color and style for it!

  7. I lost my hair at me temples too! It takes FOREVER To grow back to somewhat normal! You would be so cute with bangs!