10 Happy Things

Some days, even days that aren't as terrible as Monday, end up feeling like I wrestled with a bear for eight hours. And that's okay. It's more than okay; I'd rather feel exhausted at the end of every day because I've been taking care of my sweet angel babes than doing anything else. I thought for today's post I'd make a happy list (something I haven't done for a long while) to help me appreciate all of the wonderful things in my life. So here are ten things that are making me ecstatic right now:

1. Sneaking love notes into my husband's lunch before he wakes up in the morning.
2. Chocolate chip cookies made by my sister, and Max and Maggie's reactions to eating them. (Yum!)
3. Warm and windy weather.
4. Watching Maggie pull up on the ottoman by herself. It's kind of a big deal.
5. Knowing that Community is coming back next week. I'm very excited.
6. Kisses and cuddles from warm little baby bodies.
7. Walking past Max and Maggie's new room and imagining how awesome it's going to look when it's finished.
8. Reading books with a baby on each leg. It fills up my heart in a special way to share books with them.
9. Reminding myself that the baby in my belly is a whole new person that I haven't met before, a brand new member of our little family.
10. The rare occasion of me making Christian laugh hard because of something I said on purpose to be funny.

What's making you happy today?

*image via tumblr.
If you know the original source of this image, please let me know. THANKS SO MUCH!

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  1. a happy post! and yes, knowing that Community is coming back next week is good feeling for the rest of the week!