Dream a Little Dream

First, thank you all for your kind comments on yesterday's post! It's always encouraging to hear friendly thoughts and wishes, and to be reminded that bad days happen to everyone. Our Tuesday turned out to be wonderful, much to my relief and mine and the babes' mutual happiness.

Second, I've been noticing recently that roughly 85 percent of my dreams are just the same three dreams over and over. Is that strange?

1. I often dream that I'm in school again {either high school or college}, and it's nearing the end of the semester. Suddenly I realize that I forgot to attend a certain class for several weeks. I don't know the material at all, I haven't turned anything in, and there's no way I'm going to pass a final exam. Occasionally I also have trouble being on time, actually finding classes, and parking in an acceptable space. While these dreams are torturous to experience, it's always such a relief to wake up and realize that the clanging of "Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!" in my head is meaningless, and nothing is due. Ever. For the rest of my life, if I want.

2. I think the dream where you're trying to run but you just can't seem to move your legs fast enough is a common one. I more often dream that I'm furious with someone and I want to slap them in the face and I can't. I try over and over, but for some reason my arm slows every time it gets close and I end up just swiping the person weakly with my hand. It's incredibly frustrating. I also dream that I'm so angry I want to swear {fun fact: I've only cursed out loud four times in my life, and all of those times were on accident}, but I can't get the word to come out. I feel like maybe this indicates that my subconscious is disturbed in some aspect; I'd rather not analyze it too closely.

3. The third reoccurring dream I have isn't really a dream; it's what my brain imagines when I'm half-asleep in the middle of the night. Unsurprisingly for a new mother, what my brain imagines is that there's a baby in bed next to me. Usually I'm holding the baby, but sometimes they're laying between me and Christian, and sometimes they're about to crawl off the side of the bed. The problem with this dream is that it keeps waking me up until I've proved to myself definitively that all babies are in their beds. I remember once when Max and Maggie were about four months old I kept dreaming that Maggie was sleeping in my arms, even though my partially awake brain knew it wasn't true, so I squished the little pillow that I sleep with in my hands and thought, "See? Babies don't squish like that, so I must be holding a pillow, not a baby." And just last week, I woke Christian up and had him tell me that Max was safe in his crib.

Do you have the same dreams over and over? I'd love to hear about them!

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  1. I have reoccurring dreams too. For tens and tens of years! The first is similar to your school dreams. I dream I am back at BYU, but in my dream I always have a feeling that something isn't right, like how can I be in college when I am married with all these children. I feel confused and anxious like, what class am I supposed to be in and where in the world do I live. And, why don't people know who I am?

    The second is more weird and has been going on for 30 years. The exact details change in each occurrence of the dream, but the point is the same: I am about to marry someone else, and then I run into Doug, who I always recognize as my high school love. Really, the love of my life. I feel stressed and conflicted because my conscious mind KNOWS that we belong together, and I have to keep fighting and working things out so that I can be with him, instead of the other faceless man in the dream. I wake myself up from these dreams to relieve the pain and stress and am always comforted when I realize it was just a dream. WIERD, huh!?

  2. For the first month of Sydney's life, I had anxiety dreams like that. I'd dream that she was in the bed with me and was lost in the covers or was sleeping in my arms and had rolled off. She never slept with me at that age so I don't know where it started.

    My dreams this pregnancy have been so crazy vivid and long. I wake up feeling like I should write them down and turn them into stories or movies b/c they're that detailed and lengthy. I'm not going to discuss the subject matter b/c that'd be too embarrassing.

  3. I totally have school dreams- skipping classes and having to take finals and assignments that I've never finished. When I was in school I'd still be working out chemistry or math problems in my sleep. I also have dreams about when I used to work (outside of the home that is).

  4. That school dream is the worst! I think I have it when I am feeling overwhelmed with my to do list.

  5. I think I have all of those dreams often as well, but I also get really crazy and random dreams that I wake up from and say, "What in the world?!"

    And for the first two weeks Evie was home, she wasn't sleeping in the bed with us, but I was cradle the stuffed animal I used to sleep within my arms like it was my baby in bed with me. I'd wake up being very confused as to why Evie was in her bassinet and not my arms! :)

  6. mine is kind of like the slapping. i dream i can't stand up. i spend hour trying to pull myself up on things. i've now had that dream so many times though, that when it happens i realise it's a dream and wake up! hopefully this will happen with you too!

    glad today was better :)