Important Thoughts 26.0

26.1: Max both spit a mouthful peas and threw up on my pants yesterday. It was frustrating because I only own a very small number of pairs of maternity pants. And also I spent the rest of the day smelling like barf.

26.2: Christian and I were out on a date two weekends ago and attempted to visit the local Outback for dinner. {Our mistake for thinking we could just show up on a Friday night; we ended up leaving after hearing that the wait was 45-50 minutes}. As I walked in to the restaurant, an employee opened the door for a couple leaving, saw me and declared, "Wow! You're all baby!" Um... thanks, guy. I still have two months to go.

And speaking of two months to go...

26.3: On our way home from the zoo, we stopped at the Cookout in Asheboro because Christian and I were seriously hungry. {Apparently not all of the zoo restaurants are open during the off-season, but there's no way to know that without visiting each of them -- a highly inconvenient endeavor when you have two tired babies in tow}. I went in to order while Christian stayed in the car with our sleepy babies. The girl behind the counter took my order, then felt the need to make some small talk. "How far along are you?" she asked. "Seven months," I said, knowing that an exact week count would probably mean nothing to her. She responded, "So... you have... four months left?" No but really? And there I was, thinking every intelligent person in the US knew both the normal gestational period of humans and how to add and subtract numbers less than ten in their head. My bad.

26.4: Christian and I caught the season premiere of Mad Men, and while I thought it was pretty awesome, I've had the horrible "Zou Bisou Bisou" stuck in my head ever since.

26.5: One time recently we were giving Max and Maggie a bath in the tub -- something they've come to love, as long as we don't try to bathe them too often. Max started checking himself out down there, as I understand naked little boys are wont to do. {Even Maggie has shown interest when Max is getting his diaper changed; she points her finger and I can see her mind thinking, "what is that thing?"} Since I don't want to be one of those moms who traumatizes her child by scolding him for something that's really no big deal, I started talking to him about it. "Do you see your peepee?" I asked. "Yes, Maxwell has one, but not Maggie. Maybe newbaby has one, but we don't know yet. Right now, it's just Max." I noticed that Christian was giving me a funny look at this point, so I said, readying myself for the accusation that I was being weird, "What?" And he replied, "Um, and Daddy. Daddy has one." Oh. Right.

26.6: If you didn't notice, I just talked about my husband's genitalia on my blog. Can we all just move on and pretend it's not awkward?

26.7: I often get the words for blog posts in my head, writing themselves out with hardly any thought or effort on my part. Lately I've been trying my best to record them when this happens, because I've found that if I don't, they're lost forever. Not only do I forget the perfect wording and this-idea-to-that-idea progression, but the whole concept is gone. Is this something that happens to other people? I feel a bit helpless, out of control of my own writing. It's troublesome when a new post strikes and I'm in the middle of doing something else. {Like trying to fall asleep.} Buying a new app to help me remember my thoughts helps, though.

*image by Amanda Mabel via Flickr


  1. 26.2 I know if never feels this way, but I think he was complimenting you on just having a baby bump rather than being ginormous all over.

    26.3 But really, i think people just shouldn't talk to pregnant women about pregnancy, babies, or anything related.

    26.5 BAHAHA

    26.7 This happens to me all the time, and sometimes I write blog ideas on paper when we're out, and then Cary accuses me of being weird. C'est la vie.

  2. Re 26.3- did you double-check your change? Or play it safe and use a credit card? I really hope she was mistakenly thinking gestation was 12 months b/c then her math would STILL be wrong.

    Re 26.7- I often think in blog posts throughout the day. But ever since I've had the baby, my memory is total poop and I don't even remember my ideas long enough to write them down when I get home/wake up/etc. Right now my biggest struggle is finding a post that doesn't have to do with my baby or current pregnancy. I worry that I'm becoming redundant.

  3. I'm without child in real life or in the belly and I still have the blog post problem. That's one of the reasons I just don't post anymore.
    I've had one sitting in my draft box for awhile. In my head it's good. In writing, not nearly as good. So it sits.
    C'est la vie indeed.