A Mis Amigos: Hola

I'm back.  Have a parade, break out some confetti, get out your journals and quit whining, because I'm back.  I got married and I went on my honeymoon and it was all totally awesome, but now I'm online and posting again, and the world is as it should be.

I'm at Catherine's apartment right now -- Catherine gave me special leave to use her computer so I could update my blog.  I haven't posted before now because, come on, Joel, no one blogs on their honeymoon; they have more important things to do.  Also, when we got home from the airport last night, we had no power, so I couldn't use our computer at home.  Why did we have no power?  The official story that Christian and I are telling people is that a grizzly bear knocked over the power lines.  Just our power lines, though.  All of our neighbors have electricity.  Bears are strange that way.

So, quick last-week-and-a-half summary: Christian and I got married on April 12th.  It was awesome.  We took lots of pictures, which was not awesome.  We went to the airport on Monday and met up with my brother, Aaron, who should have flown out the day before but didn't.  This prompted us to come up with a new word.

aaron - v. When you get to the airport too late to catch your flight and have to spend tedious and boring hours hanging out, waiting for a new flight.  "My parents dropped me off at the airport only half an hour before my flight departed and I got aaroned."

We flew to Orlando and Orlando was awesome.  We went to the beach and it was awesome.  We went to Disney World and it was awesome.  Fast passes are awesome.  We went out on the lake in a boat and it was awesome.  I couldn't stop eating the whole time we were gone and it was awesome.  Christian and I were finally married and together and it was awesome.  Overall, I would classify the experience as... awesome.

Parting thoughts:

1.  We can now resume the birthday countdown, since I have nothing more important going on until then.  Six days left.

2.  Seriously, I will post wedding pictures (or a link to wedding pictures, which I'm thinking might be way more convenient) sometime soon.

3.  Don't worry, people who were worried -- the bear didn't knock out our power until yesterday, so last week's episodes of 30 Rock, The Office, and Scrubs that we missed because we were riding Splash Mountain for the fourth time made it onto our DVR, so we're covered.

4.  We just watched American Idol.  I'm so ready for Syesha to go home.


  1. Speaking of birthday countdowns, mine's in August! the day before graduation! I just took my last final...not excited.
    Also excited you're back! which means I can call you, which I've been waiting to do until you're back in Raleigh, but I'm not sure when that is. SO glad everything was fun! I love Orlando. Awesome, as you said.

  2. Mary,
    Was it really awesome? Just how awesome does it have to be to be awes-credible? How was it the first few days without power? Were you able to find awesome things to do with the daylight hours?