Quick Thoughts

My Quick Thoughts For Today:
  1. I was going to post a few wedding pictures as my birthday present to everyone on Monday, but I keep forgetting to get the CDs out of Christian's car, so I didn't. I've decided to hold the pictures hostage instead. The question now is, how badly do you want to see my wedding pictures? And what would you do in order to see them? You can vote in the poll (right) or offer your own suggestions in the comments section.
  2. In the previous poll, three people voted that they were in the depths of misery while I wasn't posting, two people voted that it only took a little bit of sunshine out of their day, and one person (me) voted that they didn't even notice I was gone. While I'm flattered that three people missed me so much, I'm also a little worried about my ability to affect their mood on a given day, and about their mental health in general. My suggestion to those people is to see a psychiatrist.
  3. I'm looking for dinner ideas. Post suggestions in the comments section.
  4. After I got married, I submitted a name change request to Facebook. My name is no longer Mary Cunningham (except legally, because there have been a few problems with getting a copy of the marriage certificate) -- it's Mary Plautz. Facebook has taken its time with granting my request. Therefore, I am currently boycotting Facebook. Does anyone else who changed their name remember how long it took? Let me know in the comments section.
  5. There is no good TV on during the day.


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