Happy Birthday! (to me)

Days Until My 22nd Birthday: 0

For anyone who doesn't know, I love my birthday. I think my birthday is the best holiday ever. I love everything about my birthday. I love balloons and streamers and confetti and cake and presents. But even without balloons and streamers and confetti and cake and presents, my birthday would still be totally awesome. I would love my birthday even if no one else knew it was my birthday (but forgetting is different than not knowing, Mom).

Quick fact: I share my birthday with Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Jay Leno, Saddam Hussein, Harper Lee, Lionel Barrymore, Frank Cavanagh, King Edward IV, and Tim Boisvert.

Here's a brief list of presents I wouldn't mind getting today:
  1. Big, colorful, helium-filled balloons
  2. Flowers that thrive in the shade
  3. Interesting books
  4. Refrigerator magnets
  5. A chocolate milkshake
  6. Picture frames
  7. Anything sent by mail
  8. Breakfast cereal that doesn't turn my milk funny colors
  9. Advice (in limited quantities) on which printer Christian and I should buy
  10. Board games

And coming later today: my birthday present to all of you. I just need to find something first. Stay tuned!


  1. Well, I tried to e-mail you today and it said your e-mail wasn't recognized. but Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Mary! I loved the part of your post where you told your mom forgetting is different than not knowing. Mine has forgotten twice... and I've never let her forget it since! :)