Boring Life Update: TEN Days Left

Days Until I Get Married: 10
Days Until My 22nd Birthday: No one cares -- I'm getting married in 10 days.

So, I don't know if anyone's heard yet, but I get married in ten days. TEN days. Yesterday was the last day of my right foot, and today is the first day of my left hand. (Don't get it? Click here.) That's exciting. To celebrate Ten Days Left, I will be working on something special, to be posted later today. Or tomorrow. Or, seriously, whenever I get around to it. I'm busy, okay? I'm getting married in ten days. Ten days! I'm so excited.

Other exciting things: Christian moved into our townhouse yesterday. Our townhouse that we're going to live in when we get married. He moved most of his stuff in the morning, and then I came over and helped with the chair and his box springs, and tried to help with the couch but couldn't. It's way heavy. We're still getting him settled in with all the stuff he'll need for the next ten days (and, Catherine, thank you for the cleaning supplies that you gave us at my bridal shower -- they have already come in handy), but for the most part he's set.

We also went downtown and got our marriage license yesterday. I had a little bit of a crisis yesterday morning because I couldn't find my Social Security Card, but after sifting through piles of dirt and junk in my room, I found it. Thank goodness. The website for the Wake County Register of Deeds said that we should expect up to an hour's wait when getting our license, but (after walking through the Wake County Courthouse and getting a little turned around) it took less than ten minutes. So now we're set. Well, we still have to meet with the Stake President, and then we'll be all set.



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