Something Special

Here it is: something special to celebrate Ten Days Left, just like I said. It's a photo journey of my relationship with Christian. Exciting! The journey comprises ten pictures -- that's one for each day we have left. Everyone ready? Here we go.

#1: July 2007. Christian and Wor's combined birthday party. This was back when the idea of dating Christian hadn't even crossed my mind. And see? He's not even looking at me.

#2: September 2007. Jock Jams game. This is the day that Christian asked me out for the first time. Notice how tense his arm is -- he's nervous.

#3: Early October 2007. General Conference. Earlier that weekend, Christian and I had decided to be in a relationship, but we hadn't gotten around to telling other people yet. I think some of our friends figured it out anyway. Also, this is the night we decided we were the Coolest Couple in the University Ward. Sorry, Joel and Rochelle.

#4. Late October 2007. FHE. Christian accidentally dropped our pumpkin, leaving us unable to finish carving it. And ours would have been the most awesome. That's too bad.

#5. Early November 2007. Mary, Meredith & Friends' Thanksgiving Camping Adventure. I tried to tag Christian during a seemingly interminable game of Capture the Flag, but he sidestepped me and carried our flag to victory.

#6. Late November 2007. Meadow Lights Christmas Lights Tour. Christian and Jeremy decided to pose with Twelve Apostles in a scene from the Last Supper. Stephanie and I took pictures.

#7: December 2007. FHE again. Christian and I went to the grocery store for a candy run and then tried to eat all the candy instead of using it to make a gingerbread house. This was during the time that Tim was out of town and I was house-sitting for him. Thanks, Tim. That was awesome.

#8: Early January 2008. The beach. Noel, Ashley, Jeremy, Stephanie, Christian and I went to the beach to celebrate New Year's. I realized that I wanted to marry Christian on this trip. He proposed the next day.

#9. Late January 2008. Pullen Park. Christian and I picked out my ring, decided on a date (which was later changed twice), told our parents, started the countdown, and took our engagement pictures.

#10. February 2008. Joel and Rochelle's reception. By this point, Christian and I were (and are) just waiting to get married. At this point, it seemed like April would never come.

*photos courtesy of my Facebook friends; thanks, guys


  1. I basically take credit as the "matchmaker" due to the Jock Jams connection and that time when you guys came to my birthday party.

  2. That was fun. I like the 10 days and the 10 pictures idea. And, Christian seems to have morphed along the way with these pictures. He looks more ... respectable now. Perhaps you've been a good influence on him.