Bits & Pieces 3-28-08

Days Until I Get Married: 15
Days Until My 22nd Birthday: 31

On Sunday, Christian and I started counting down the days until our wedding on my fingers and toes because we had twenty days left. I started on my left foot. Today is the last day of my left foot -- let me tell you what, that is exciting. I thought about doing something like painting each of my nails a different color as I counted down, but then I realized that I would be left with all kinds of funky nails on my wedding day, so I didn't. Speaking of funky nails, click here.

I didn't post anything yesterday. I was too busy playing Mah Jong. It makes me feel smart, even though I'm not very good. I haven't been able to beat the third layout yet. If anyone can do it on their first try, tell me and I'll give you a prize. Cookies or a dollar or something. And no hitting the Undo button -- that's cheating.

Chikezie was voted off American Idol on Wednesday. I told you he was boring. Also, it appears that not very many people watch American Idol. I'm not surprised. That Ryan Seacrest is sometimes too much to take.

We're going with the black vest and tie for Christian's tux. I decided to put my foot down and go with what I wanted, and not listen to what everyone else had to say. So I didn't listen when half of everyone said to go with what I wanted, and the other half said to go with the black vest. ;)

Christian and I have started re-watching Season One of Lost. We have a goal of re-watching all of Seasons One, Two and Three before we get married. We got through most of one episode yesterday before we went to the temple. We still have a ways to go.

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  1. Hey Mary!!! I'm so excited that you're so close to your wedding day!! Good for you for putting your foot down about what YOU want...it is your day!
    I love American Idol...I have been watching it from day one, without missing an episode (I'm slightly obsessed). David Archuleta is definitely my fave...but I also like Michael Johns!!~