Important Thoughts 1.0

My first thought for today: remember geometry? Geometry was awesome. I didn't do very well in my high school geometry class. I think I made a C, mostly because I didn't consider turning in my homework a priority. I remember once when I fell asleep in class and I had a dream that a dinosaur came into the room and introduced himself. Unfortunately, I sat on the second row and no one sat in front of me, so my teacher noticed that my head was on my desk and I was twitching in that way that people who know that they aren't supposed to be asleep twitch. Also unfortunately, the side of my mouth was glued to a page of my geometry textbook with drool when she woke me up.

But here's what's great about geometry: it's awesome. Geometry starts out good and ends up great. Let me explain. The first thing you learn about in geometry is the line. I know what you're thinking -- Mary, I already know about lines. Yes, you do, which is exactly my point. Question: What's easier than learning information you already know? Answer: nothing. And that's why geometry starts out good. But easy definitions are just the beginning. Soon you move on to proofs. I love proofs for two reasons. First, they give you the answer. Seriously. And it's not considered cheating. Second, a proof is all about showing everyone else how right you are. I love that.

My second thought for today: I just finished Catch-22 about an hour and a half ago. Holy cannoli, that is one good book. I found the first nine-tenths intriguing and entertaining and amazing; I also found it challenging, and reading it was like running uphill. I've let myself become a lazy reader, and reading real books is more exercise than I'm used to. I need to work on that. Note to self: read more good books. Note to readers: recommend more good books. The last tenth of Catch-22 was perfection. There are no other words. It was perfect. It's like Joseph Heller punched me in the face with his writing and I've only just come to. If I could read one book again for the first time, it would be this book.

My final thought for today: this website is hilarious. If you find the anthropomorphization of animals tiresome and juvenile, then you won't be amused.


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