Spare Time

Two words about wedding plans: Don't ask. Seriously, talking about wedding plans is the worst. Ask me how I'm doing, and I'll be glad to answer. I'm excited to be getting married. I'm counting down the days until April 12th. I'm so happy to be with Christian. I'm a little stressed right now, and work is definitely not fun, but these small negatives are swallowed up in the overwhelming positive. The thing is, hardly anyone asks me how I'm doing anymore. They ask me about wedding plans. And the truth is, I hate talking about plans. I don't like planning. I'm not even doing most of the planning, and I'm not sure what's going on. I know that some people think that if I'm excited about the wedding, I'll be happily involved in the plans -- one naturally leads to the other. Call me unnatural, but I don't work that way. As much as I look forward to the wedding, I keep away from plans as much as possible. Plans are a necessary evil. I have a lot of empty time at work, and I fill my time with other activities. Not plans. Other activities, like reading articles on Wikipedia. Specifically, I've been reading about the American Revolution. It's very interesting. I like reading about the women, like Abigail Adams and Mercy Otis Warren. Women are awesome. I've also been responding to e-mails, reading about people on Facebook and making up ridiculous stories about them, and looking at Paris Daily Photo. The title "Paris Daily Photo" is kind of misleading, but let me explain it this way: every day, Eric the friendly Parisian posts a new photo that he's taken while out and about in Paris. Does it make sense now? The pictures are beautiful, despite the confusing name.

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  1. So, Mary, how are wedding plans coming? And, how is work? Thanks for helping me with my blog!