Great Easter Weekend, Huge Dilemma

Note: Be happy, all of you boring-life-update nuts.

Christian and I went out to Charlotte this weekend to visit his friends, Matt and Melissa Morrow. Matt is Christian's best friend and is going to be his best man when we get married in 19 days. He was in town two weeks ago on a business trip and the three of us got to go to dinner, but Melissa wanted to meet me before the wedding also, so we went down to see them Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening. It was fun. It was a lot of fun. We went bowling and Christian bowled the game of his life (scoring a 204), Matt made chicken on his smoker and showed us all the improvements he's made on the house since the last time Christian was there. We also went to the Men's Wearhouse so that Matt and Christian could get fitted for their tuxes. Which brings me to the Huge Dilemma.

While were at the Men's Wearhouse, the guy helping us, who Christian tells me was named Jeremy, asked us what color vest and tie Christian wanted to wear for the wedding, and Christian, repeating what I had told him earlier, said black. Jeremy looked at him like he was crazy and said, "Don't you want to match your bride?" And then Christian looked at me, and I looked back at him with a look that I thought said, "I don't know" and he thought said, "Well, don't you?" And, really, neither of us knew what we wanted, so we went with white because that's what Jeremy said was best. But I've been looking at pictures of white vests and pictures of black vests and I think that I like black best. A white vest from far away looks like no vest. I think Christian would look better in a black vest. So, here's my question: black vest or white vest? You can vote in the poll on the right-hand sidebar.

*image via Men's Wearhouse


  1. Christian's chin is way cuter than either of those guys' chins (or is it the same guy?), so he could get away with either color. I'm still voting white. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  2. So I really like the white but I voted black. I'm torn. White is classy though...but black can be worn later, if you're buying it, if you're renting I'd do white...yes. they are both good. He could wear a wedding color and thereby avoid the dilemma entirely :)

  3. Honestly, you should go with your original instincts. They were your original instincts for a reason! ;)

  4. I decided we're going with black -- I like black better, and Christian will look good in black. Also, Christian's chin is definitely cuter than the vest-model guys. Definitely. Good call, Alice.