Sweet Victory

This is a post of victories. Sweet victories. Thinking about "sweet victories" reminds me of Michelle Branch's song "Sweet Misery," just because the two phrases sound alike. So I think "sweet victory" in my head, and then I hear "Sweet misery you cause me... That's what you called me..." But my appreciation for old Michelle Branch music is not important. The following announcements are important.

Announcement: Jock Jams played its third game of the Spring '08 season last night against The Farce (better known by returning members of the Jock Jams team as "The Todd's Team") and won. Yeah, we won. I like to say it, and I like to hear myself say it. We won. Which makes our record so far this season 2-1. It felt so good to win last night. So good. Losing to them last season was not fun, and in their faces! Because we won this time! Quick recap: they scored in the first half. Then we scored -- the half ended with a tie. In the second half, tensions were high and people got snappy, but we kept our collective head together and scored again before the end of the game. And we won. We won. I can't say it enough. It feels so good.

Announcement: Christian and I only have 24 days left until we get married. That feels good, too. Better than winning last night.


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