Quick Explanation

If I were a betting woman (which I am), I would bet that at least half of the people who read this entry will remember a previous blog that I have had and will think to themselves, "This one won't last long, either." And those people would be justified in this thought. My beloved first blog, which I updated frequently, was created on a site that eventually began to ask me for money. I maintain a strict policy of never paying money over the internet for anything intangible, so I abandoned that blog and moved on. Since then, I have had a series of blogs, on a variety of sites, none of which I used for more than a few months together. I could never feel comfortable with another blog, which has lead me to become a virtual rolling stone, of sorts. And you know what they say about rolling stones -- their friends eventually become distrustful of them and stop reading their blogs. So I've brought all of your negative thoughts upon myself, and I understand. I sympathize. I comprehend. I perceive. And so, my friends, family, and other random people who are reading this for who-knows-what reason, I have created this blog with a purpose in mind. This will be my last blog ever. I, Mary Ellen Cunningham,* promise** that I will never again create another blog. This is it for me -- this blog may triumph, or it may fail, but I will do my best to make sure it triumphs, because I won't allow myself another chance. This is my online resting place. One day, I hope to have your trust again. Until then, I will try to remember to use paragraph breaks. I always have trouble with that.

*I will continue to stand by this promise even after my name changes in April, and I become a Plautz.

**If anyone knows my thing with "I promise," then you know this is a big deal for me. I never say "I promise" unless I mean it. Seriously -- I've never broken a promise I've made when I've said "I promise." So, really, be impressed. I mean it.