Hair Makeover

I cut some bangs for myself a few weeks ago.  I probably should have grown out of the impulse to cut my own hair by this point in my life.  Don't most kids try to cut their own hair when they're three? Or four?  And I'm plus twenty years old.  However, cutting my hair is one of the ways in which I express that I'm feeling something significant, and when I want to do it, I want to do it right then.  I think it's lucky I had a pair of scissors in the bathroom the day this happened, or I might have tried to cut my hair with fingernail clippers.  {Just kidding -- that would have taken forever.}  Anyway, want to see?

I should have said, "want to see goofy pictures I took of myself because I'm too self-conscious to make a normal smiling face"?  That would have been more accurate.  As it is, I feel self-conscious enough that I make going make a bunch of excuses for why my hair looks the way it does in these pictures.  I don't care so much about how my face looks, but for many of you, this is the first time you're getting to see the new cut, and I know you're going to judge me for cutting my own hair {again} if it looks awful.

Excuse #1: It looked better earlier today, but then I went to the pool, and it got a little bit wet and a little bit frizzy.  Excuse #2: Because of the extra frizzy, I over-tried to calm down my bangs, which made them a little bit stringy.  Excuse #3: When I first cut these bangs, they weren't this long.  They have since {miracle!} grown out, and they cover my eyes too much, so I sweep them too the side, and I think they look a little bit weird this way.  And, okay, I am going to try to excuse my face also.  Excuse #4: Christian came home much earlier than expected and interrupted my photo session, so I didn't get as many good pictures {any good pictures?} as I had hoped.

And... drumroll... what does everyone think?  People who have seen me in person, doesn't it look better in person?  And doesn't it seem like those two Marys on the right are looking at each other?  Is that weird?


  1. I LOVE them. See how I used capital letters to emphasize just how much I love them? It's true!

    How do you get them sweep to the side oh-so-perfectly? Are you blessed with manageable hair or do you use some kind of styling product?

  2. Mare, I think they are great. You have enough hair that you can actual pull this off (instead of me buying fake ones). I saw your pic on twitter yesterday and I loved it then! And whatevs, cut your own hair...it's YOURS!

  3. @Courtney: Manageable hair? Oh no. I have a specific process. 1. Blast wet bangs with a hair dryer so they don't dry funny. 2. Flat iron. 3. Hairspray. 4. Avoid touching with fingers; use comb keep looking gorgeous.

  4. I totally forgot to say that I totally dig your bangs. I am definitely pro-bangs, even though the upkeep is a bit irritating at times.

  5. @Madeline: Thanks! Upkeep can definitely be irritating. I usually trim my bangs over the sink for easy cleanup, and I'm pretty sure I caused it to clog this past weekend. Whoops!