My First Harvest

I was having a grumpy day today until I went outside to tend my garden. My little garden doesn't need very much tending, due to the fact that it comprises eight small pots of soil, several sun-starved plants, and nothing else. {I think my plants are missing the sun as much as I am -- today feels like the twentieth cloudy/rainy/stormy/muggy day in a row. Seriously, weather? You are now officially overstaying your welcome.} Mostly I just go out after the work crews have been by with their leaf blowers and pick mulchy dirt off of my tomato cages.

Today, however, in amidst the dead leaves and pieces of bark were eight ripe green beans. Christian's favorite dish. My plants have defied the odds and managed to produce produce! I am so proud. The sun even managed to peek out from its atmospheric prison for a few minutes while I was taking a picture. It was glorious.

P.S. Does this picture make my hands look mannish? I feel hand-self-conscious.


  1. that's awesome! way to grow something :)

  2. Slightly manish, but I think its just the angle. Congratulations on the green beans, they look perfect. I'm sure Christian will call dibs on all of them.

  3. i could pick those hands out of a group of 10,000 hands, (a) because i've known and loved them since the day you were born, and (2) they look just like mine. mannish? no, my dear.

    you beat us on beans, although we already have too much squash. i should have brought some today to share with you.

    do you feel better?