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Rah!  Rah!  I feel better today!  {Granted, I haven't attempted to go outside, for fear that whatever had me in paralyzing fits of sneezes yesterday will attack me again today.  However...}  I am in love with today.  It's gorgeous outside.  I love waking up with the sun shining out my window -- it makes me excited to get up and do things.  I don't have very much planned for today, just attempting to put my house in order and working on blog designs.  Perhaps I'll throw in a trip to the gym to change things up a little.  Before I get to work, though, I wanted to share a joke that Christian made while we were in the car yesterday morning, because thinking about it now still makes me laugh out loud.

First, a little background: Christian had made a joke about not being able to see a guy on a motorcycle, because he was wearing camouflage.  It was along the lines of, "Oh, man.  I can see a backpack, and I can see a motorcycle, but I don't see anyone riding it!"  I, being half asleep and not in any kind of mood to indulge him, said jokes about camouflage were totally lame and not at all funny anymore.  Christian said camo jokes were timeless, and to prove it, he said, "Camouflage jokes have been funny ever since the first time a caveman dressed up in a bush to go hunting, and another caveman said, 'See Grog spear, see Grog loincloth.  No see Grog!'"  The way he was trying not to laugh as he said it made it even more hilarious and adorable.


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