I Just Gagged on News from the Front

Christian's brother Eric is on a mission in Georgia right now.  We get e-mails from him every Monday, and it's nice to hear how he's doing.  Today, however, he shared this truly disgusting story with us:
"So this week we four elders in Milledgeville have zero dollars to buy any food with because we had to buy a new bike rack for our car and we had to pay out of our pocket and then get reimbursed, so we have to wait a couple days before we can buy any food. Yeah, we do have some food but nothing amazing, we are almost out of milk but we can survive with water. Speaking of milk and water, when I was in Moultrie, we were at an investigators house who wanted cereal but didn't have enough milk so he put water in it shook up the carton and put it on his cereal.  I immediately thought about how Mom puts ice in her milk and how that is just as abominable as false preachers."
First of all, that is incredibly gross.  I had to stop reading for a while to get my gagging under control.  Second, putting ice in your milk is not at all as gross as putting inch-milk water on your cereal {I do it, too}.  Third, Eric is funny.


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