{photo by Caiti Borruso.}

Christian surprised me yesterday by telling me that he's taking four days off work, starting at the end of next week!  I was {and am} so excited!  He's taking off Thursday and Friday, and then next Monday and Tuesday.  Christian's had a very busy work schedule lately; they've been doing a lot of system upgrades at Biogen, which means more to do for everyone {but especially, it seems to me, for the Automation Engineers}.  We had planned to take all of our summer vacations this fall, including our trip to Utah, which is still scheduled for September.  When he told me about the time he was taking off, I asked, "What about work?"  To which he replied, "Work schmirk."  That's good enough for me!

I've already planned the first thing we're going to do on our little vacation.  I always love to go to the beach, so I thought it would be fun to stay there for a couple days and really soak it in.  I knew Christian wouldn't love the idea, though, so I was thinking of ways to convince him when it hit me: Elizabeth lives in Beaufort!  Staying with Elizabeth and Erik {and adorable Amelia and Charlotte} would be way more fun, and Christian loves spending time with family.  Bing!  Plan made.  We're going to leave late Wednesday night {Christian is helping out with the Young Men's temple trip that night}, and stay until Saturday.  I'm really so excited -- I love trips!


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